Game is a wonderful world.


I enjoy thrilling and exciting games.The game has always excited scenes.

Game has plenty of pleasure.

I love games so much.They are fun for me.I like old fashioed game,not playing game soft.

I use computer,but I don't use game softwears. I don't like computer softweare game.

Baseball Game

I enjoy playing baseball game.

Baseball is most popular game in Japan.

My family also watch baseball games. Ichiro and Matui are the most famouse Japanese Baseball players.

Poker Game

Poker game is most familiar game for me.

I enjoy it at weekend.

The playing poker is good for training headwork.

My family also enjoy it. We love games very much.We also play games with neighbourhood families.

It is a thinking game for me.Game is fun for me.

Basket Game

Basket game is most familiar game for my son.

He enjoys game at weekend in high school.

Enjoy your game for yourself.

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